I think its so important that we schedule some time into our week to have a little pamper session. Something i probably don’t do enough, especially working from home i find it really hard to switch off and go into ‘relax mode’. But a bit of me time is essential for keeping yourself inspired by life, doesn’t have to be a spa break, even if its just half an hour out of your day to watch your favourite tv programme. So when Champneys offered me the ingredients for the perfect pamper night in how could i say no!


The first essential to any pamper night – snacks! All of the snacks hahaha! I had a gift card for waitrose and although i tried to go for the healthy option of strawberries, i did cave and go for some of my favourite naughty treats… if you can’t have chocolate on a pamper night then when can you?! 😉

I was also kindly gifted a £20 Netflix voucher, the second ingredient to the perfect pamper evening. Netflix is my guilty pleasure. For me there is nothing better than a gripping tv series to really help me switch off from the stresses of daily life. Its only when you catch your reflection in your laptop screen between episodes that you are reminded there is actually a real world out there haha! At the moment i am re watching the whole of the PLL series in preparation for the new season starting next month – my excitement is too much!


Moving on to the stars of the show – what is a pamper night without giving yourself a little tlc with some gorgeous products, and what better products to use than Champneys. I absolutely love Champneys products because they really do give you that indulgent spa feeling at home. On this occasion i decided to trial two of Champneys products: The Restoring Hand & Nail Cream‘ and the Summer Dream Rewarding Butter Souffle. The first thing which i absolutely LOVE about these products is the packaging, it’s modern & fun – Champneys have really reinvented themselves and its a huge yes from me!

I was really excited to try out the Hand Cream as my hands are definitely something i neglect when it comes to skincare. It’s generally just the one thing i never do so its nice to have the incentive to do it when given the opportunity to try a beautiful new product. I found the product a joy to use, not only does it smell amazing it also left my hands and nails feeling nourished and super soft! Packed with lots of vitamins and goodness its no wonder my hands are loving me for it!

The Souffle also did not disappoint. Its an absolute treat to apply, a gorgeous texture leaving your skin feeling velvety smooth. It literally smells like summer in a pot, definitely some peach and mango scents in there to name a few! What i love about Champneys products is they really do feel like luxury products and their packaging is beautiful, but they are so reasonably priced. No matter what your budget every one deserves to indulge in some pamper time and Champneys make this possible! These two products i have used on this occasion i will most definitely be using again!


 What are your favourite things to do on a pamper evening? I would love to know 🙂

Jodes xx

If you have kept up with my blog posts for the last week you will know that i have been taking part in the 7 Day Skincare Challenge with Cetraben, (if you have no idea what i’m talking about then firstly go and click this link here). Basically the challenge involved me adding Cetraben into my daily skincare routine and monitoring the results over a week to see any changes or improvements in my problematic, dry skin. We are now at the end of the week and i am able to share my results with you! I also wanted to use this post to answer some of the questions you have been asking me over the course of the challenge.

So i guess the main question you’re all waiting to be answered is: did it work?! My answer is YES! I am so incredibly happy with the results and the way my skin is feeling after just one short week. I have been using both the lotion and cream version of the product at least twice daily, the lotion in a morning underneath makeup and the cream at night. Before the challenge began i had a flare up of eczema around my eye area which has now calmed down so much and has made such a difference when its come to applying concealer/foundation. In general my skin is feeling so much softer and more hydrated. As well as eczema i also suffer with general dry and rough patches of skin, particularly on my elbows and knees. Again over the course of the week i have noticed that these areas have become much smoother and the physical appearance is so much better. I think that sometimes when it comes to skincare i get lazy and forget to do my routine when i over complicate things, but because Cetraben is such an easy one step product that actually works i have found it so much easier to stick to a routine! Even though the week is now over i am still going to be using the product daily as i am still looking for further improvement and i think its also a great way of controlling my eczema and a maintenance routine.

cblogAs i said of the course of this week I’ve had lots of questions across all of my social media about the challenge. I have picked out a few of the ones that i feel are important to discuss to answer.

Can Cetraben definitely be used on your face as well as your body? Yes! Absolutely. It can even be used around the eye area and on the the eye lids.

Is Cetraben an affordable product? Both the travel size and the full size come in at under £10 so yes it is extremely affordable. The Full size is £7.99 and the travel size is £4.99. Skincare can be really expensive but this is a product which is both affordable and actually works!

Where can i buy Cetraben? Boots, Superdrug, Weldricks, Lloyds Pharmacy and Tesco. The product no longer has to be prescribed by your doctor it is available for anyone to buy.

There are some really useful tools on the Cetraben website which i really recommend you checking out. The Skintelligence Test is extremely useful in helping you realise just how well you actually know your skin. Of course the better you know your own skin, the better you can educate yourself on what you should be doing to keep it in the best condition you possibly can. The Skin Diary is also a really useful tool as it basically helps you monitor your skin over the course of a week; what works for you and what doesn’t, any triggers that have a negative impact and how your diet effects your skin. I also really recommend you check out this skin animation of how Cetreben actually works for a better understanding of the product! For any further information on these tools or just the product in general make sure you check our the Cetraben website.

Certain are also running a really cool competition where 10 of you can win a full sized Cetraben cream and take part in the 7 Day Challenge just like i did. To enter all you have to do is click here and share your top skincare tip!

Overall i have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the challenge and i’m over the moon with the results. A huge thank you to Cetraben for working with me on this. I am so proud to support a brand that i am truly passionate about, and i hope that by sharing my journey this week i can help some of you who suffer with similar skin problems to myself.

Jodes x

When in London one of my all time favourite places to go for Brunch (or for any meal time of the day to be honest!) is The Breakfast Club. If you’re looking for the ultimate chill place to hang out whilst chowing down on the tastiest food you could ever imagine then look no further. I was recently in London for a few days with a group of my blogger pals and when deciding where to go for our instagram worthy brunch it was no surprise we opted for The Breakfast Club. We visited the Angel branch which is a super cute little cafe tucked away in Camden Passage. However no matter where you are in London you can now guarantee you won’t be too far away from one of these little gems as there are now 9 cafes open, one located in Brighton  – see the website for more details on locations.

b7As for whats on the menu, well its more a case of what isn’t. A very popular option are the American Style pancakes, served with berries and cream these guys go down an absolute treat! Of course there is also a traditional full english brekky on offer, and all the other usual trendy brekkys – avocado on toast, breakfast burrito – you name it its probably gunna be on there. Most of the breakfast menu is served throughout the whole day, and for lunch and dinner you also get some extra options such as a pulled pork burger of dreams! On this occasion i went for smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on toast – AMAZING! The girls both went for pancake options, i have to say i was a little bit jealous when they’re orders arrived to the table! They also went for milkshakes which speaking from past experience i know taste divine. I was in need of my morning coffee fix so i stuck with my usual caramel soy latte, which as aways didn’t disappoint.

b5b3 The general vibe of the cafes is old school 80’s with its cluttered decor and brick walls. Its a real London brunch game changer. The only downside is the wait time, be prepared to queue especially when visiting on a Sunday when everyone is in desperate need of a hang over cure haha! Its absolutely worth the wait though, and mre often than not whilst you wait staff will bring out smoothie samples etc which is a nice touch.

b11b1b9If you are yet to visit a Breakfast Club branch i strongly urge you to do so, i guarantee you will NOT be disappointed! Happy Brunching 🙂

Jodes x

For me when it comes to makeup the base is the most important component of the look. Without that flawless foundation base to build upon it doesn’t matter how on fleek your eyebrows are or how sharp your winged liner is, it’s not going to do it justice. When it comes to achieving that perfect base i have found that it’s not so much the foundation product you’re using that makes all the difference, it’s the product you prep the actual skin with and the products in your daily skincare routine you’re using.

As you know if you’ve read here before, my skin is particularly dry with flare ups of eczema from time to time, so for me getting my skincare routine right and prepping my skin with the right products is absolutely essential. My absolute hero product for keeping my skin under the best control i possibly can is Cetraben, an emollient for people with dry, problematic and eczema prone skin. If you read my last post you will know that i’m currently working with Cetraben and taking part in the ‘7 Day Skincare Challenge’ which means i’m adding Cetraben into my daily skincare routine and monitoring my results throughout the week. I’m currently half way through the week and the changes in my skin are already apparent. I tend to get patches of eczema around my eye area which results in it being very difficult to apply concealer to my under eye without it creasing and looking cakey, however after just 4 days of using this i am finding it is blending into my skin so much more easily! I am super happy with the results so far and really excited to see how my skin is looking by the end of the week, of course i will be documenting my end result in a blog post! For more detailed information on Cetraben and to find out more about the challenge please read my previous post by clicking here.

That brings me onto my first step in creating that perfect base. I use my Cetraben essentially as my primer product. There are both cream and lotion versions of the product, i’m using the lotion as its slightly lighter on the skin. I massage that into my skin all over my face, even the eye area as its completely safe to use and works amazingly for prepping your eye makeup. My skin is then left feeling nice and smooth ready for makeup application.

For my foundation i am currently using the Loreal Infallible 24h, if you have dry skin i highly recommend using a liquid foundation. If your skin is going through a particularly bad flare up it may be useful to use a foundation which is paraben free as parabens are a known irritant for skin conditions. For more information on makeup suitable for problematic skin and the products you should be using i highly recommend watching this Makeup Masterclass video i found on the Cetraben youtube channel. It’s extremely helpful and i picked up some really useful tips. I apply my foundation with a Beauty Blender sponge, i find that using a sponge helps the makeup blend effortlessly into the skin dispersing just the right amount of product. That brings me on to my tip of ‘less is more’, don’t pile foundation on your face in an attempt to cover imperfections, use one pump of product on the back of your hand and remember its much easier to add more than it is to take away!

After my foundation i like to use a concealer underneath my eyes, down the centre of my nose and on my skin to highlight those parts of my face. At the moment i am loving the Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer. It has an amazing brightening effect and feels weightless on the skin blending seamlessly. I again use my Beauty Blender to buff that in for a flawless look. As i mentioned earlier using Cetraben to prep my eye area makes concealer application so much easier.

To finish my base makeup i do like to set with a powder, however nothing too heavy as i don’t want it to emphasise my dry patches of skin and i want as much of my skins natural glow to still shine through as possible. I do find using powder helps my makeup stay in place a lot longer through out the day though and it takes away some of that unwanted shine! The product i am loving at the moment is the Laura Mercier Translucent powder. This is a super fine, colourless powder which just finishes the look perfectly without looking like your wearing anything too heavy. And that is my base makeup done!

So overall i would say don’t get too hung up on the makeup products you’re using, sometimes for me it could almost seem like absolutely no foundation looked good on me, but when i stripped it right back down to my actual skincare i started to see the results i was looking for! You can also check out my video on my Youtube Channel talking you through all of these steps and demoing the process. Make sure you stay tuned for my next post which will be the final instalment of my Cetraben 7 Day Challenge journey!

Jodes x

This post is in collaboration with Cetraben.


Hey Everyone!

As you guys know if you watch my youtube channel, i have suffered with dry, problematic skin throughout my whole life. It’s something that affects me not only physically but also my self confidence, I’m sure many of you can relate to that. So i’ve teamed up with Cetraben for the ‘7 Day Challenge’ to test out the benefits of using their products as part of my daily skincare routine.

Here’s a little bit of a background on my skin – i’ve suffered with dry, eczema prone skin basically for the whole of my life. I first discovered Cetraben a few years ago when i was going through a particularly bad flare up and my doctor prescribed it to me. Although i had it prescribed initially you are now able to buy the product in your local Boots, Superdrug & Tesco which is great because it makes it much more accessible for everyone. To make things even better its super affordable, both the travel and full size bottles come in at under £10! At the moment i would say that my eczema is under control, my skin isn’t particularly bad however i am aware that my face is still extremely dry which can make makeup application (or on the opposite end of the scale – not wearing any makeup!) very difficult. To anyone who suffers with this kind of thing, I’m sure you can relate when i say sometimes i feel like there’s nothing i can do, i just have to live with it’, but that is not the case. So i’m going back to my trusty skin savior Cetraben to see what results i can get in just one week, and i’m taking you guys on the journey with me.

So i hear you ask, what is this miracle product Cetraben and what makes it so special? That brings me on to a little bit of the technical stuff. Certain is a clinically effective emollient, the range includes both a cream and a lotion. Personally i have both and the only real difference is that the lotion is a little bit lighter, so i sometimes choose to pop that on in a morning when i don’t want to use something heavy. Both products are SLS and paraben free – in simple terms there are no nasties. There are 3 components which make Cetraben the miracle product that it is:

Light Liquid Paraffin – Replaces lost skin oils
White Soft Paraffin – Creates a protective barrier on the skin surface
Glycerin – Brings moisture up from deep down in the skin

This is why it’s a product that really works! It’s not cosmetic so you know, its not the type of thing you buy because it will look pretty on your instagram feed, its a product that actually really works and gives you visible results.

Make sure that you check out the Cetraben website for further infortmation, there are some amazing tools on their website such as the Skin Diary – which helps you to monitor and track how your skin feels and its triggers. There is also a really useful skintelligence test which helps you discover just how well you actually know your own skin! As i said i will be keeping you updated on how i get on with the challenge throughout the week, so stay tuned on my blog and youtube channel to hear my results!

Jodes x

This post os kindly sponsored by Cetraben, however all opinions are my own.