My name is Jodie, but most people call me Jodes. First of all thankyou so much for coming to take a look on my new blog! As this is my first post I thought i’d do a bit of a ‘get to know me’.
*Apologies for the super long post – I had a lot to say haha!*
My guess is that most have you have ended up here either from my instagram, or my youtube channel. I’ve been debating starting a blog for a long time now and to be honest i really don’t know what I’ve been waiting for, so last night when i couldn’t sleep i thought hm maybe i should give the blog a go – why not?! I have a huge passion for writing. When i was younger i was obsessed with writing stories, i thought i would go to uni to study Journalism, but then in my early teens my life took a completely different turn (details to follow later haha), yet here i am now coming back to one of the things i used to love most. I also find that writing is good for the soul, and though i mainly chat about beauty & fashion, i would like to start talking about other things, more lifestyle/advice based. Although i always strive to be completely myself on social media, they’re are certain parts of my life that i keep very private, and thats just the way i like things to be. But that been said i would like to show a bit more of me as a person, and i find that typing things out can be a lot less daunting than speaking them out loud.
So i thought the easiest & quickest way for me to help you get to know me a little better was to do a bit of a Q&A. These are some of the questions i’m typically asked repeatedly on my Instagram & Youtube channel.
Where are you from? I am originally from Yorkshire.
How old are you? 21 (though realistically i look more around the age 14 mark haha – baby face!) and my birthday is the 1st of August.
Are you in a relationship? Nope! My last relationship of 2 years ended last November. Since then I’ve been living the single life – though i am getting a little bit impatient waiting for my prince charming to turn up now hahaha!
Did you go to university/are you a student? AND What inspired you to start a youtube channel?
No i didn’t go to uni & i’m not a student – i currently do youtube as my full time job (which is crazy & amazing!) – I did however at the age of 19 move to London to go to Stage School at The Urdang Academy where i was set to train for 3 years in Musical Theatre. I danced at my local dance school from a young age, i always enjoyed it, but it wasn’t really until i was about 14 that i started to take it more seriously and actually could realistically see myself making a career out of it. From then on performing basically took over my life (don’t worry – it was a good thing!). If i wasn’t at school i was in dance class, or singing class, or at the gym, even my time at home was spent stretching or working on a routine, as i was so determined that i was going to stage school and go on to have a career in performing arts. If any of you are familiar with the whole dance and drama world, you will know that the fees to attend one of the prestigious musical theatre colleges in London are not cheap, so not only did i have to gain a place in a school i also had to be one of the select few to be awarded a Dada (dance and drama award – basically a scholarship). Somehow the hard work and passion i had payed off, and i was lucky enough to be awarded a full scholarship to Urdang! I still to this day cannot believe i managed to do it. I moved to London, and completed my first year, but then unfortunately at the start of my second year i had a serious back injury – a dancers worst nightmare! I struggled through the first few months of the term, sitting out watching classes, joining in bits that i could, but eventually i was advised that i would be out of dance for a lot longer than i expected, and i had to leave college. As you can imagine i was absolutely devastated. It was a really difficult time and it took its toll on me mentally as well as physically. Lots of things happened around this time that i won’t bore you with, but this is just a quick overview. It was around this time that i started a youtube channel. I was spending a lot of time just sat indoors due to my injury and having been used to 10 hour days in a performing arts college you can imagine how much i was driving myself crazy. I needed something to focus on and to re inspire me. I had been a youtube viewer for around a year & a half prior to this (i distinctly remember just before i moved to London discovering Zoellas videos) and the thought of starting my own channel had crossed my mind, but rarely, as i never thought id have the guts to do it. But i guess the back injury gave me the push to just go for it, i really enjoyed instagram at this point as i had lots of time to post photos and scroll through my phone whilst i was recovering, and had a few thousand followers, so i saw that as a little platform for my videos, and honestly i have never looked back! Youtube helped me get my mojo for life back as cheesy as it sounds. So yeah, i’m not in any way telling you this because i’m looking for sympathy, i’m telling you because it just proves how everything happens for a reason and things can work out no matter how bad they seem. My life has changed so much in the past year, i have learnt so much and experienced more than i could ever of imagined. I never believed that youtube could have such a huge impact on my life, infact it now basically is my life! It has not only helped me regain confidence, it has also brought me to make some of the best friendships that i know will last a lifetime. The whole community is just amazing, absolutely what i needed, a sense of being part of something again. As well as opening so many new doors career wise! Without you guys none of this would be possible, and i can’t imagine how i’d be feeling or what i’d be doing right now, so i really do owe you a lot and i don’t take it for granted. I will be eternally grateful Now my injury is 99% better (i will always have to be careful but i can manage it) i am going to be getting back into my first love – performing. But now youtube is such a huge part of my life, i will of course be doing both! So excited for what the future holds – who knows, maybe even expect a few singing covers on my channel if thats ok with you 😉
Soooo i’m gunna wrap this up here guys as its super long! But any more questions please comment below! & here is to the start of my new blog! Hope you enjoy!
All the love!