If you’ve been following me recently on social media or watching me Youtube channel, you will know that one of my  focuses of self improvement for 2017 is my skin. I feel like i’ve never fully committed to a skincare routine as I’ve never found products that I’ve fell in love with, until recently. L’oreal has always been one of my favourite brands & discovering their skincare was a game changer for me.

As part of my skincare routine I’ve been using the L’oreal Pure Clay mask range and I now know why it’s the no.1 cleansing face mask brand in the UK. Not only have they now became a staple in my weekly skincare routine, they are super affordable too. There are 3 masks in the range;

PURITY – Green clay with eucalyptus, to purify and mattify.

DETOX – Black clay with charcoal, to detoxify and clarify

GLOW – Red clay with algae and exfoliating beads to brighten and smooth


Each mask has it’s own unique benefits, so depending on your skins needs you can select the mask best suited for you, or you can multi mask, the latest skincare trend that I am LOVING! Multi masking means applying different masks on different areas of the face, for example I love using the glow mask on my cheeks as this is where my skin tends to look dull, but purity works amazingly on my T Zone as this is an area that gets oily, life saver. You can even use all 3 masks at once!


Clay is a one of the most talked about ingredients in beauty with its history of power & purification. I can genuinely say from using these masks I have noticed results which has really kicked off my year to a great start in terms of my skin! They don’t feel harsh on the skin & are gentle enough to use 2-3 times a week. I also find that using a facemask is a really nice way to relax and pamper yourself. As the L’Oreal clay masks are so affordable they don’t just have to be a one off treat!


What are your skin resolutions for this year? Let’s make 2017 we let out skin be its best yet!

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Hey Friends!

So its that time of year again, Black Friday! & you know what that means… CHRISTMAS IS NEARLY HERE! That & you can grab yourself some amazing bargains, if you are as much of a shopaholic as I am I’m sure this makes you very excited! Online shopping is now my go to – I mean what could get better than sitting in the comfort & warmth of your own home, pjs on, cuppa at the ready & a whole world of shopping at your finger tips. One of my favourite places to shop online for all things makeup is Beauty Bay. They have some incredible brands, some of which are not so easy to get hold of here in the UK, & I can confidently say from the many orders I have made the delivery & customer service is brilliant.

Beauty Bay have UP TO 30% OFF this Black Friday which is an offer not to be missed! They stock some of the most talked about brands in beauty such as Gerard Cosmetics, Lime Crime, LA Girl, Kevyn Aucoin, Mario Badescu and Alpha-H! This offer will be running between Friday 25th – Monday 28th of November. I also made my top picks out of the brands that are going to be up for grabs with the amazing discount & I thought i’d give you a mini review of each as some inspo!


Kevin Aucoin: The Primed Skin Developer (20% Off)

 Skincare meets makeup with this beautiful product. This is actually the first Kevin Aucoyn product that I’ve ever tried & i was not left disappointed. The packaging is elegant & classy, although this is a high end makeup product it definitely looks luxury. The products itself is light in texture & feels almost as if it melts into your skin as you apply it, leaving your face with the perfect base for makeup. I’m looking forward to continuing to use it!


Kevin Aucoin: The Expert Mascara (20% Off)

This product was two firsts for me, a mascara brand I’d never tried before and also the colour of the actual product. Again its beautifully packaged in gold with the simple black logo. The brush is really unique, it curves in a way that will fit perfectly at the root of your lashes which helps to give lift but also keep the definition to avoid that clumpy look. The formula of the product is on the drier side but not too dry, just enough to avoid that overly gloopy consistency. But what really stood out to me about this mascara was the colour. I am a real play it safe girl when it comes to makeup & wearing any other mascara colour than black is not something I would do, but the ‘bloodroses’ colour this comes in is actually really easy to wear. Its still dark enough to not draw too much attention but definitely adds something different to your eye look & i love it!



Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Palette – 10 (20% Off)

Again, a brand I hadn’t tried before but had heard so much about on social media. This eyeshadow palette is stunning, featuring 5 highly pigmented shades with a buttery texture that feels a dream to apply. I was spoilt for choice when choosing which palette to go for as there are a selection to choose from, each with a nice balance of shimmers & mattes. I’m really excited to start creating eye looks for the festive season with this! That gold shade though! *heart eyes emoji*



Vita Liberata Phenomenal 2-3 Weeks Tan (30% Off)

Vita Liberata is one of my all time favourite fake tan brands. Their products are always of the highest quality & give you those natural, just walked off the beach results that you’re looking for. I decided to get a top up of my much loved 2-3 week tan, as you would imagine from the name this tan is very long lasting & fades really evenly which is what I love so much about it. It has a clear colour guide when applying it so theres no chance of streaks & it doesn’t smell like … biscuits haha! Always a positive… In all seriousness though this is definitely a stand out for me & although its on the pricier side its worth every penny especially with your Beauty Bay discount!

Best of look for your Black Friday shopping I hope you land some amazing bargains! Don’t forget with up to 30% off Beauty Bays Blackout is not to be missed!

Jodes x

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Summer is finally here – it’s time to shake up your shower routine! How about something more fun, fruitier and a sure thing to get your day starting fresh as can be? The launch of the new Original Source Shower Milks could not have come at a better time…


I’ve always been a huge fan of Original Source so the launch of a new moisturising Shower Milks range was something that very much excited me. With four fruity fragrances in the range, you will be seriously spoilt for choice!


The product itself has a super creamy, moisturising texture sure to help leave your skin feeling silky smooth, and not to mention smelling AMAZING! For me, Original Source products have always been all about impactful natural fragrances, and this range definitely does not disappoint! The four fruity concoctions are an absolute match made in heaven and definitely wake up your senses in the morning. Made with Vegan Milk Extracts and natural moisturisers you can be sure you’re doing wonders for your skin.

You can pick up a Shower Milk in Tesco for just £2.20 – what a bargain! I think my favourite (if I HAD to choose) would be the Sweet Apple & Vanilla Milk, simply because I adore sweet fragrances and, as the name suggests, it is heavenly sweet! However, I do also love the Lime & Coconut Milk as it reminds me of a tropical holiday. Whilst I wash away in the shower, I like to imagine myself on a beach in the Caribbean somewhere…Ok let’s face it, I love them all and I can’t possibly choose a favourite, but given how affordable they are I guess it’s not too much of a crime to buy all four…

Why don’t you shake up your shower and give these new products a go? I guarantee you will not be disappointed! 🙂


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When Instant Effects approached me and asked me if i’d like to take part in the 2 Weeks Lash Challenge my answer was an absolute yes. I’d heard a lot about lash enhancing products and always been really interested, but i’d never actually had the chance to try them out myself. I’m all for longer lashes but never been a fan of lash extensions, i’ve always had bad experience with them. Of course there is only so much mascara can do, and sometimes you don’t want to wear any at all; especially with the summer season approaching and the ‘no makeup’ makeup look come back. So a product that claims to increase the length and volume of your lashes in just 2 weeks, i’m all for it!IMG_9906 (1)

You are advised to use the product every day for best results. The product itself looks like your standard clear mascara, but of course the product inside does so much more. I love the luxe, shiny black packaging. You can use the product before applying mascara, i advise applying it and then waiting a few moments before going in with your actual mascara. It almost acts as a lash primer, and i have to say i noticed results from my first application. I’ve also found my mascara itself is less smudgy when i apply this and lasts longer. My lashes definitely looked fuller and longer even with just one coat of my regular mascara. Alternatively for a really intense lash treatment you can apply the product at night and sleep with it on, this is the method i have been using i’ve wanted to achieve the best results possible.


As you can see from the photo my lashes look full without mascara and there is definitely some improvement in the overall look of my lashes, especially when applying mascara i can see a difference. I am not having to use as much actually mascara product which is meaning my lashes aren’t as clumpy. I do also tint my lashes to make them appear more black but I used to pile them with product in an attempt to make them look thicker, now i don’t have too. Obviously in 2 weeks you can’t expect to see absolute miracles, but i can definitely see improvement and i am extremely happy with the results. I would definitely recommend giving this product a go! If you do make sure you tweet me and let me know how you’re getting on! I’m really excited to continue using this and watch my results progress!

Jodes x

As you guys know i recently got hair extensions. Not only do hair extensions change the way your hair looks, they also change your haircare routine. Today I wanted to tell you all about one of my secret weapons for long, healthy hair; Hairapeutix!


You may remember in a video around 3 months ago if you’re subscribed to my youtube channel that I raved about this product. Back when I had naturally long hair it really did make a huge difference to me, but now I have extensions I have realised its full potential as a product.

The product itself is a pre shampoo treatment, meaning you apply the product to dry hair mid-length to tip before you step in the shower. The decadent blend of organic oils will then get to work leaving your hair feeling the best its ever felt. I noticed a difference from first application, my hair felt smoother, shinier and most importantly it looked AND felt healthier. Just like any other part of our body our hair needs extra care sometimes and using a hair mask twice a week will give you noticeable benefits.
The product used to only be available as a monthly repair and is £18.99 for a pack of 8, which is amazing value considering the quality. However it is now available as a Weekly Fix (2 hair masks) for a crazy reasonable £4.99, I think this option is great for if you’re unsure this is the product for you, however I can almost guarantee that you will love it.
IMG_1704The ingredients of the product are 100% natural. No parabens, no silicone or chemicals and absolutely safe for ALL hair types (and extensions of course)!
You can buy hairapeutix here; let me know what you guys think!
Jodes x