Introducing the latest launch from the lovely Zoe’s Zoella Beauty range: Sweet Inspirations. Inspired by french patisserie, macaroons and sweet almonds this is a collection that I feel I don’t have enough adjectives to describe! The minute I laid eyes on the packaging I knew this was my favourite range yet, and yes, I know I say that every time haha! But seriously; the rose gold and pastel colours, the font, the dreamy, sweet scent… all designed by one of my favourite you tubers, whats not to love?!

I made my order on Feel Unique the day the collection launched online and was super impressed with the speedy next day delivery! I actually filmed an unboxing & first impressions review on my youtube channel which you can check out here if you’re interested!


Fragranced Body Mist (£8)

The body mist for me has always been a stand out in every range so far. The glass bottle packaging always gives it that extra special touch, and this time it feels super luxe. I am a huge of sweet scents so I knew this was going to be a winner for me, but as Zoe said in her video she is not a major fan of sweet scents. With that in mind she has managed to create something that smells so heavenly I think will appeal to almost everyone!


Life is Sweet Beauty Bag (£6)

Ok, so first things first; HOW ADORABLE?! I was so pleased when Zoe announced she was releasing another small beauty bag, perfect for popping in your handbag for any loose change or your favourite lipsticks. I find bags this size SO useful and I have a feeling this is gunna be a really popular item. The scalloped edging is super pretty and its so compact it is defintiely going to be my new handbag staple.

Le Fizz Fragranced Bath Fizzer (£5)

The fizz bar is back and with its best packaging yet! A product that looks almost good enough to eat (though much to my disappointment none of the range is edible, food range soon please Zoe?! :P) I am SO excited to try this one out! Simply snap off 4 squares, sit back relax and have the bath of your dreams. The gold and pastel pink is right up my street, in general this range is just so photogenic. I feel like my instagram feed may as well turn into the Zoella Beauty one for the foreseeable future as you can expect a spam of sweet inspirations photos haha!


Bath Latte – Bath & Shower Milk (£6)

Baths & Lattes. Two of my all time favourite things, combined. WHAT EVEN! I feel like this product was basically made for me hahaha! Seriously though, this is one dreamy little concoction. The gold capped bottle filled with silky smooth goodness enriched with nourishing sweet almond, cacao and honey, this has me all heart eyed emoji! I can only describe the smell as like a unicorn has leapt out the bottle and into your bath. I am one to go pretty full out when it comes to bath time, so i can see me pairing this with the fizz bar for the ultimate pamper night treat! Also a little goes a long way and the super thick consistency means if you’re a bit heavy handed like myself you won’t throw half a bottle in your bath by mistake haha!


Double Creme (£5)

When it comes to body cream, I can actually be super hard to please. Moisturising in general is quite the chore for me, and there is nothing I hate more when a product seems to take hours to sink in and you’re left there standing in your bedroom not quite knowing what to do with yourself with that horrible sticky feeling! BUT Double Creme has got you covered! Not only does it smell INCREDIBLE it soaks into the skin super quickly and leaving you’re skin feeling nourished and silky soft. I feel like I have now found a new found love for moisturising and what used to be a chore is now an indulgent treat!

Candy Clutch Bag (£12)

Another stand out for me in the range, I know this bag is going to be coming everywhere with me! I love the fold over clutch design, when you open it out you really would be surprised at the amount you you could fit inside, perfect for travelling, you could basically fit the whole of the range inside it! I love the pastel stripe on one side and then the white faux leather on the other, I really feel like in every sense Zoe has really stepped up with this range, it has such a sophisticated vibe about it and I love the direction she is taking.


Sugar Dip Bath Salts (£6)

When Zoe announced she was releasing bath salts it was like music to my ears! As previously mentioned when it comes to baths I do nothing by halves, and theres just something about bath salts that feels extremely luxurious. However these are not just your average bath salts, Sugar Dip is possibly the cutest packaging I have EVER laid eyes on. How Zoe came up with such a unique and utterly gorgeous design I will never know, what i do know is there is no way the packaging is going in the bin, it’s just far too lovely! Of course like the rest of the range it smells incredible.

Overall I have nothing but good things to say about the new collection, I am absolutely obsessed. Every inch of the range screams Zoe and you can see just how much time, hard work and effort has gone into making this as perfect as can be. Huge congratulations to Zoe on another great success and i can’t even begin to imagine what she has up her sleeve to release next! Make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel to check out my unboxing review and i will also be doing a Pamper Routine video where I demo all of the products!

Jodes x

I’m always on the look out to try new & exciting beauty products, i love trying new things but sometimes the whole process can be a bit overwhelming. With the amount of brands out there it can be difficult for anything to stand out, but for me MixNature have done just that. They are an affordable skincare brand with all natural, vegan, handmade products BUT the real game changer for me is that their products can be customised! Yes, you can quite literally design your own face mask on the website with just a few simple clicks.


The products are made fresh when ordered in their ultra modern laboratory meaning that when you receive your products they are only a few days old, a huge contrast to a lot of shop bought products which could well of been sat on the shelves for 6 months. Of course there are no nasty ingredients involved, they are made up of all natural, active ingredients which are much better for your skin than a chemical filled product. And of course the best part of about the products of all – you get to create your own!


The first step to making your personalised skincare is to sign up on the MixNature website. This is a super quick and easy sign up – done within seconds. You are then able to choose what products you would like to create. There are so many different options for face, body and hair! I decided to have a look at the face products first, and went on to choose a face scrub. When it comes to face scrub having something super gentle and natural for me is a must as i hate the thought of rubbing something full of nasties into my skin. When you first select a product you are then prompted to choose your skin type, if you’ve read here before you will know my skin is very dry, so of course thats the option i went for. Then comes the fun part – you have the option to add 1 – 6 ingredients from 3 different categories: essential oils, extracts and activating agents. Within each category there are a wide range of choice, each ingredient is explained in further detail and tells you its benefits – this is really useful as of course you can tailor your product to your exact skincare needs. In my face scrub i decided to go for:

ECHINACEA EXTRACT – Retains moisture levels giving the skin a healthy glow.

LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL – Helps to refresh and rejuvenate the skin. Soothes itchines     s and reduces redness.

BIO KERATIN – Irons out wrinkles making the skin velvety.


The process of making the product was really fun, simple and informative – very easy to follow and also really interesting to learn about what each ingredients is useful for. After my scrub i then went on to create a liquid soap, face mask, shower gel and hair mask. I completed my order and was really surprised at how the total order amount, each product came in at around £10 which is amazing considering they are personalised and of such high quality. Skincare can be very expensive so its really nice to find something thats so reasonably priced. Shipping is to all over the EU and free when you spend £45 or more. I was very surprised to see that delivery only took 1 – 3 working days, i expected a lot more considering the products are unique and handmade in the lab.

When my products arrived i was absolutely blown away by how cute the packaging was! The box is super pretty and personalised which a really nice touch, and the the products themselves look absolutely gorgeous. I am an absolute sucker for packaging so this was an instant YES from me haha!

I was super excited to try the products out and decided to use to face scrub and shower gel immediately. Yes, i’m one of those people who the moment i get something new i HAVE to try it there and then haha. Firstly can i just say the products smell AMAZING, they ooze freshness.  When using the face scrub i noticed  that the product was thick in consistency but super gentle on the skin. I find some exfoliating products very harsh and they irritate my dry skin, but this one i would really recommend. The shower gel as expected smelled amazing and left my body feeling moisturised.


When using the face mask i decided that i was going to use it as an overnight mask. It worked a treat! I woke up in the morning with my skin feeling super soft and hydrated ready to take on the day! The product is an absolute dream to apply, really cooling and refreshing for the summer months! Hair masks are not a product i use very often, so my hair had a real treat when it came to using this product. I could definitely tell my hair had undergone some well needed TLC after applying the hair mask, i noticed it felt a lot softer, more shiny AND less knotty when drying which is unheard of with the length of my hair haha! I added tea tree oil as one of my ingredients into the mask as this is brilliant for your hair and scalp.

Overall i am really impressed with MixNature and will definitely be making another order. Not only is the order process fun and unique, the products themselves are high quality (AND SUPER PRETTY). If you want to check out MixNature and have a go at creating your own skincare regime then make sure you visit the website. Use the code ‘MIXFORFRIENDS’ for 20% off you’re first order! I would love to know what you guys think!

Jodes x

This post is in collaboration with MixNature but of course all opinions are my own.

As the summer months are approaching its not only your wardrobe that needs updating, it’s also your makeup bag! PIXI Beauty, a brand which I have loved for years, have challenged me to create the perfect natural, summer look and today I’m going to tell you all about it!

pixi1For me summer is all about that bronzed goddess glow, so it’s important to prep your skin with a product that’s going to give you that healthy glow from within. Today I’ve used the PIXI Glowtion Day Dew, I absolutely love how it makes my skin look like ‘my skin but better’. It blurs out imperfections and gives you that gorgeous dewy look. If you prefer you could definitely wear this product alone or just pop a BB cream on top for a bit more coverage, but it also provides a great base for foundation.


When it comes to eye makeup in the summer months, I do like to keep it quite simple. My go too colours are always taupe and gold shades and this PIXI Mesmerising Mineral Palette in Copper Peach is definitely going to be my new favourite product to reach for. I added a wash of gold colour all over my lids and then added a touch of darker shade into the crease for a bit more definition. I then finished the look with the Lengthy Fibre Mascara as long fluttery eyelashes are a must for me! I absolutely love this product as it doesn’t clump which is my pet hate for mascara, and it really helped to open up my eyes. I decided to then go back in with the eyeshadow and take some of the darker shade along my lower lash line to add some definition to my eyes. I decided not to go for eyeliner today as i wanted to keep it super natural, but PIXI also do some awesome eyeliners if you are wanting to use one. The Endless Silky Eye Pens are an amazing waterproof eye pencil that come in a range of different colours. I’m currently testing out the Cobalt Blue shade and i am loving it! If you want to add a pop of colour to your eye makeup then i would definitely recommend!


Of course no summer makeup look is complete without bronzer. PIXI’s Quick Fix Bronzer is an amazing, speedy product to give you that gorgeous, golden glow without it looking fake and orange toned. It comes with a handy sponge applicator which you can unscrew and use so its perfect product for on the go! I like to add bronzer to all the parts of my face where the sun would naturally hit and in areas of my face i want to further define, so i put the product on cheekbones, my jaw line and around the top of my forehead. For a more precise application or if you want to go for a stronger contour look i recommend using a brush, but the sponge is a really handy little touch.pix5

To complete the look i used one of PIXI’s Mattelustre Lipsticks in the shade Peach Blossom. This is an absolute dream to apply, it’s demi matte so the pigmentation is amazing but it leaves the lips feeling soft and moisturised. I tested this out for a whole days worth of shopping and by the end of the day i was still left with my lip colour, so i am highly impressed with the quality of this product. I absolutely LOVE the colour it adds a really gorgeous finish to the look and screams summer vibes!px6pix8

I am super happy with how my Summer Makeup Look has turned out using these fabulous PIXI Beauty products. If you’re looking to try out some high quality, great value makeup products with insanely beautiful packaging then i recommend you give some of these a go! Not only are the products super simple to use they are also are good for your skin too. Let me know if you would like me to do a tutorial of this look on my Youtube Channel. If you want to recreate this look for yourself then make sure you sign up to Wearisma – I have a code for 15% off on the PIXI Website – simply enter ‘pixiwearisma’ at the checkout!

Jodes xx

This post is in collaboration with PIXI but of course all opinions are my own.

In todays post i’m telling you guys all about a new and exciting launch from one of my favourite local companies. The Yorkshire Soap Company are an independent business with shops in Leeds, York, Hebden Bridge, and one soon to open in Beverley. I first stumbled across one of their shops when i was shopping in Leeds for the day last summer, i was instantly attracted to the shop window as it was an absolutely beautiful display of what looked like cakes and other baked goods. It was only when i ventured inside that i realised the contents of this shop was not edible, it was in fact full of gorgeous handmade soaps and bath bombs as well as luxurious beauty products. The smell inside the shop was heavenly and the products were so unique and adorable that it was no surprise i didn’t leave empty handed – and from then on i was hooked!


Since first discovering the little gem of a company i have always kept myself up to date with their latest products and launches, and i am so excited to tell you about their newest launch today.  They have released a beautiful range of 3 different hampers as an online only promotion. There are 3 types of the luxury hamper; bath pamper, classic collection and home scents. Whats more is you are then able to select what choice of fragrance you would like your contents to be; floral, fruity or woody. There really is something for everyone! All products inside the hamper come gift wrapped in a range of luxury boxes, better still they are never tested on animals and suitable for vegetarians. I was lucky enough to get my hands on two of the hampers, and i was absolutely blown away by the amazing quality. As usual the presentation and over all packaging of the hamper is absolutely perfect, it would make a very special gift, or even just a lovely treat to yourself! I was particularly impressed by the quality of the actual hamper itself, i will definitely be re using i think its such a great way of storing your bath products!


Of course depending on which hamper you select depends on the contents of it. My classic collection included things such as a soap cake slice and 6 bath truffles; the cutest products you will EVER see! My Bath Pamper hamper included products such as a beautiful travel candle and some bath foam; basically all of the perfect ingredients to turn your bathroom into an ‘at home’ spa night. The pricing ranges between £25 to £50 so for what you actually get inside they are very reasonably priced as i would class them as a real luxury item quality wise. Delivery is £4.95 which is amazing for the weight of the product, or free for any order over £30! All of the products inside the hamper are also available as individual products both online and in store, so if there is something you particularly like within the hamper don’t worry you are able to re purchase! Also another feature which has now been added to the range of hampers is you are now able to select your own products! So if you do want to make it super personal and pick things that you know you love you are now able to do so. I think this is a great touch as for example i know there are some products which my mum particularly loves from the store, so its great that i can now ensure these will be included in the hamper when i’m to order one for her!


I think what i love most about The Yorkshire Soap Company is how unique the products are. They really are very special and not something you see everyday. If anyone were to receive the products as a gift i know they would be absolutely delighted. Although they do look amazing in photos, photos honestly don’t do the products justice they are even more beautiful in real life. Of course being a Yorkshire girl myself i am also very happy to be supporting a local company. I have a discount code JUSTJODES for use online that will give you 10% off all products, so what better time to give them a try, i promise you will not be disappointed! Be sure to follow The Yorkshire Soap Company on instagram too to stay updated with all their latest news!

Jodes xx

I think its so important that we schedule some time into our week to have a little pamper session. Something i probably don’t do enough, especially working from home i find it really hard to switch off and go into ‘relax mode’. But a bit of me time is essential for keeping yourself inspired by life, doesn’t have to be a spa break, even if its just half an hour out of your day to watch your favourite tv programme. So when Champneys offered me the ingredients for the perfect pamper night in how could i say no!


The first essential to any pamper night – snacks! All of the snacks hahaha! I had a gift card for waitrose and although i tried to go for the healthy option of strawberries, i did cave and go for some of my favourite naughty treats… if you can’t have chocolate on a pamper night then when can you?! 😉

I was also kindly gifted a £20 Netflix voucher, the second ingredient to the perfect pamper evening. Netflix is my guilty pleasure. For me there is nothing better than a gripping tv series to really help me switch off from the stresses of daily life. Its only when you catch your reflection in your laptop screen between episodes that you are reminded there is actually a real world out there haha! At the moment i am re watching the whole of the PLL series in preparation for the new season starting next month – my excitement is too much!


Moving on to the stars of the show – what is a pamper night without giving yourself a little tlc with some gorgeous products, and what better products to use than Champneys. I absolutely love Champneys products because they really do give you that indulgent spa feeling at home. On this occasion i decided to trial two of Champneys products: The Restoring Hand & Nail Cream‘ and the Summer Dream Rewarding Butter Souffle. The first thing which i absolutely LOVE about these products is the packaging, it’s modern & fun – Champneys have really reinvented themselves and its a huge yes from me!

I was really excited to try out the Hand Cream as my hands are definitely something i neglect when it comes to skincare. It’s generally just the one thing i never do so its nice to have the incentive to do it when given the opportunity to try a beautiful new product. I found the product a joy to use, not only does it smell amazing it also left my hands and nails feeling nourished and super soft! Packed with lots of vitamins and goodness its no wonder my hands are loving me for it!

The Souffle also did not disappoint. Its an absolute treat to apply, a gorgeous texture leaving your skin feeling velvety smooth. It literally smells like summer in a pot, definitely some peach and mango scents in there to name a few! What i love about Champneys products is they really do feel like luxury products and their packaging is beautiful, but they are so reasonably priced. No matter what your budget every one deserves to indulge in some pamper time and Champneys make this possible! These two products i have used on this occasion i will most definitely be using again!


 What are your favourite things to do on a pamper evening? I would love to know 🙂

Jodes xx