If any of you watch me on youtube, or follow me on instagram, you will know that its no secret I’m a bit of a Zoella fangirl! So when the launch of her new makeup bags came about i simply had to get my hands on them!
Previously on my youtube channel i have done a couple of Zoella unboxing videos, the original range additions and the Christmas range, both videos went down really well and as soon as a new full range drops i will be definitely be doing a video review! But as these two bags have just launched i thought it would be nice to do a little blog post on them for you! 🙂 I absolutely love supporting ‘Team Internet’, and i think Zoe is a truly lovely and inspirational lady.
The first bag as you can see pictured below is the Zoella Beauty Winking Bag. Its a really handy little size to fit in all your beauty essentials for on the go. I like to keep things quite organised inside my handbag, so if I’m wanting to pack my lip stick and some powder to touch up through out a busy day i find bags of this size really helpful. Of course in true Zoe style the bag is super colourful, cute and eye catching – literally! If you tilt the bag up and down you will receive a friendly wink from Zoe! I thought this was such a nice touch and really makes the bag stand out from the crowd!
 w - 2
w - 1The next bag is slightly bigger than the above, but still a nice handy size that would comfortably fit in your handbag. I absolutely love the colour and the gorgeous glittery font, but what i think really makes this bag super special is that on the reverse Zoe has listed ‘A few of her Favourite Things’, i thought this was so cute and such a lovely personal touch!
w - 3 w - 4Both bags as always are available on Feel Unique and Superdrug. They are really reasonably priced at £8 and £10, a great gift or just as a little treat to yourself! 🙂
I am so happy to have these two gorgeous bags added to my collection and I’m excited for future Zoella Beauty ranges! Which one is your favourite?
Much Love
Jodes x

It’s reached that time again. The time when we set ourselves our resolutions for the year that lies ahead. I thought rather than do a traditional ‘New Years Resolutions’ post i would do something that involves you a bit more. So here are 10 quotes which i will definitely be trying to live by this year on my quest to become a healthier, happier, more productive version of myself. I’ve put my own personal spin on some of them to help you get to know me a bit more. Hopefully they help some of you guys too 🙂

1.  If it makes you happy, do it. If it doesn’t, don’t. Its that simple. I’m joking – if only it was haha! But seriously, it really is something that i think we all could benefit from keeping in mind. At the end of the day, happiness is the most important thing in life and if your not, you need to try to eliminate the things which are making a negative impact.

2. Its never too late to be what you might of been. I’m sure a lot of us can relate to the feeling of ‘this is it’, this is the way our life has panned out so this is what we must settle for. Wrong. You have the power to change the direction of your life at any given moment. Whether that be a lifestyle change, or taking up a new college course, or quitting your job to start a fresh, anything. For me my biggest aim this year is to get back into performing arts, my passion in life. After a rocky year of injury and health set backs i lost my way with it all. But its who i am, and i’m determined to throw myself back into it, no matter how hard it may be, i will get my confidence back, and i will be on stage again. Watch this space 😉

3. Be happy with what you’ve got, while working for what you want. Its so easy to get caught up in what your longing for, may that be a job promotion, or to lose that last 10 pounds, we all have goals which can consume our minds. I’m so guilty of having the constant thought in my head of ‘i will be so much happier when…’ but you have to remember that all we really have is the present moment in time, and we must enjoy it. Of course its completely ok to have goals and ambitions, but don’t forget to ‘just be’ and enjoy the moment, or the most special moments of our lives will pass us by.

4. Nothing will make you feel better apart from doing the work. This can relate to so many different situations, but basically what I’m saying is if you want something you have to work for it. The only person who can make the change is you. So whether that be you want to pass your driving test, get fit, ace your next assignment, the only way thats gunna happen is if you get up and put the work in. Its tough love, but it’s the way it is. For me this year i really want to throw myself into my career and make my youtube & blog content the best it possibly can be, with consistent uploads. That and getting back into performing. Not forgetting taking over the world haha 😉 Success is not luck, its hard work.

5. Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being positive about what could go right. I’m the first to admit how guilty i am of this. A change of mindset is definitely something that i could benefit a hell of a lot from. Its so easy to slip into the habit of constantly thinking of the negatives, but where does it get you really? Positive thinking is free, and it basically makes absolutely everything instantly easier, better and more fun! Who doesn’t want that?

6. Don’t compare your chapter 1, to someone else chapter 20. One of my favourites. Comparison is the thief of joy. So why do we do it? Its hard now with our minds being constantly bombarded by social media with what everyone else is doing, but sometimes you have to take a step back and say to yourself actually no, I’m doing pretty great myself and thats what most important. Everyone is on there own personal journey, we all learn, grow and begin at different times. As long as your moving forward, thats all that matters.

7. Worrying doesn’t stop the bad stuff from happening, it just stops you from enjoying the good. For someone who has anxiety, this quote speaks volumes with me. But everyone has worry and too much worry is not good for anyone. Each time your mind goes into over thinking mode, quickly ask yourself ‘wait, what is this going to achieve? Other than stop me from enjoying the moment I’m in right now.’

8.  You can’t rush something you want to last forever. If you want to make a change, you can’t expect it to happen over night, it might take a month, a year or even more, but something that really helps me is to remember that the time will pass anyway. You might as well spend that time wisely and work towards your goals. After all, nothing worth having comes easy!

9. Stop looking for happiness in the same place you lost it. I can relate to this for personal reasons which is a whole other story. But its true that we must remind our selves we must eliminate the toxic things (or people!) from our life in order to feel happiness, and we must resist temptation to go back to those things no matter how strong the urge may be. Oh and for the record, you don’t ever have to feel guilty for removing toxic people out of your life.

10. Everything is going to be ok, if its not ok, its not the end. No matter how bad things may seem, how down you may be, it will pass. So if your going through a tough time remember that nothing is permanent, and things are gunna work out! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this post guys. Let me know if you’d like more stuff like this, i’m on my own personal journey to happiness and i would love to have you on board. Plus i find writing this kind of thing very thereputic. What are some of your favourite quotes to live by for this year?
Jodes x

My name is Jodie, but most people call me Jodes. First of all thankyou so much for coming to take a look on my new blog! As this is my first post I thought i’d do a bit of a ‘get to know me’.
*Apologies for the super long post – I had a lot to say haha!*
My guess is that most have you have ended up here either from my instagram, or my youtube channel. I’ve been debating starting a blog for a long time now and to be honest i really don’t know what I’ve been waiting for, so last night when i couldn’t sleep i thought hm maybe i should give the blog a go – why not?! I have a huge passion for writing. When i was younger i was obsessed with writing stories, i thought i would go to uni to study Journalism, but then in my early teens my life took a completely different turn (details to follow later haha), yet here i am now coming back to one of the things i used to love most. I also find that writing is good for the soul, and though i mainly chat about beauty & fashion, i would like to start talking about other things, more lifestyle/advice based. Although i always strive to be completely myself on social media, they’re are certain parts of my life that i keep very private, and thats just the way i like things to be. But that been said i would like to show a bit more of me as a person, and i find that typing things out can be a lot less daunting than speaking them out loud.
So i thought the easiest & quickest way for me to help you get to know me a little better was to do a bit of a Q&A. These are some of the questions i’m typically asked repeatedly on my Instagram & Youtube channel.
Where are you from? I am originally from Yorkshire.
How old are you? 21 (though realistically i look more around the age 14 mark haha – baby face!) and my birthday is the 1st of August.
Are you in a relationship? Nope! My last relationship of 2 years ended last November. Since then I’ve been living the single life – though i am getting a little bit impatient waiting for my prince charming to turn up now hahaha!
Did you go to university/are you a student? AND What inspired you to start a youtube channel?
No i didn’t go to uni & i’m not a student – i currently do youtube as my full time job (which is crazy & amazing!) – I did however at the age of 19 move to London to go to Stage School at The Urdang Academy where i was set to train for 3 years in Musical Theatre. I danced at my local dance school from a young age, i always enjoyed it, but it wasn’t really until i was about 14 that i started to take it more seriously and actually could realistically see myself making a career out of it. From then on performing basically took over my life (don’t worry – it was a good thing!). If i wasn’t at school i was in dance class, or singing class, or at the gym, even my time at home was spent stretching or working on a routine, as i was so determined that i was going to stage school and go on to have a career in performing arts. If any of you are familiar with the whole dance and drama world, you will know that the fees to attend one of the prestigious musical theatre colleges in London are not cheap, so not only did i have to gain a place in a school i also had to be one of the select few to be awarded a Dada (dance and drama award – basically a scholarship). Somehow the hard work and passion i had payed off, and i was lucky enough to be awarded a full scholarship to Urdang! I still to this day cannot believe i managed to do it. I moved to London, and completed my first year, but then unfortunately at the start of my second year i had a serious back injury – a dancers worst nightmare! I struggled through the first few months of the term, sitting out watching classes, joining in bits that i could, but eventually i was advised that i would be out of dance for a lot longer than i expected, and i had to leave college. As you can imagine i was absolutely devastated. It was a really difficult time and it took its toll on me mentally as well as physically. Lots of things happened around this time that i won’t bore you with, but this is just a quick overview. It was around this time that i started a youtube channel. I was spending a lot of time just sat indoors due to my injury and having been used to 10 hour days in a performing arts college you can imagine how much i was driving myself crazy. I needed something to focus on and to re inspire me. I had been a youtube viewer for around a year & a half prior to this (i distinctly remember just before i moved to London discovering Zoellas videos) and the thought of starting my own channel had crossed my mind, but rarely, as i never thought id have the guts to do it. But i guess the back injury gave me the push to just go for it, i really enjoyed instagram at this point as i had lots of time to post photos and scroll through my phone whilst i was recovering, and had a few thousand followers, so i saw that as a little platform for my videos, and honestly i have never looked back! Youtube helped me get my mojo for life back as cheesy as it sounds. So yeah, i’m not in any way telling you this because i’m looking for sympathy, i’m telling you because it just proves how everything happens for a reason and things can work out no matter how bad they seem. My life has changed so much in the past year, i have learnt so much and experienced more than i could ever of imagined. I never believed that youtube could have such a huge impact on my life, infact it now basically is my life! It has not only helped me regain confidence, it has also brought me to make some of the best friendships that i know will last a lifetime. The whole community is just amazing, absolutely what i needed, a sense of being part of something again. As well as opening so many new doors career wise! Without you guys none of this would be possible, and i can’t imagine how i’d be feeling or what i’d be doing right now, so i really do owe you a lot and i don’t take it for granted. I will be eternally grateful Now my injury is 99% better (i will always have to be careful but i can manage it) i am going to be getting back into my first love – performing. But now youtube is such a huge part of my life, i will of course be doing both! So excited for what the future holds – who knows, maybe even expect a few singing covers on my channel if thats ok with you 😉
Soooo i’m gunna wrap this up here guys as its super long! But any more questions please comment below! & here is to the start of my new blog! Hope you enjoy!
All the love!