Cetraben 7 Day Skin Challenge


Hey Everyone!

As you guys know if you watch my youtube channel, i have suffered with dry, problematic skin throughout my whole life. It’s something that affects me not only physically but also my self confidence, I’m sure many of you can relate to that. So i’ve teamed up with Cetraben for the ‘7 Day Challenge’ to test out the benefits of using their products as part of my daily skincare routine.

Here’s a little bit of a background on my skin – i’ve suffered with dry, eczema prone skin basically for the whole of my life. I first discovered Cetraben a few years ago when i was going through a particularly bad flare up and my doctor prescribed it to me. Although i had it prescribed initially you are now able to buy the product in your local Boots, Superdrug & Tesco which is great because it makes it much more accessible for everyone. To make things even better its super affordable, both the travel and full size bottles come in at under £10! At the moment i would say that my eczema is under control, my skin isn’t particularly bad however i am aware that my face is still extremely dry which can make makeup application (or on the opposite end of the scale – not wearing any makeup!) very difficult. To anyone who suffers with this kind of thing, I’m sure you can relate when i say sometimes i feel like there’s nothing i can do, i just have to live with it’, but that is not the case. So i’m going back to my trusty skin savior Cetraben to see what results i can get in just one week, and i’m taking you guys on the journey with me.

So i hear you ask, what is this miracle product Cetraben and what makes it so special? That brings me on to a little bit of the technical stuff. Certain is a clinically effective emollient, the range includes both a cream and a lotion. Personally i have both and the only real difference is that the lotion is a little bit lighter, so i sometimes choose to pop that on in a morning when i don’t want to use something heavy. Both products are SLS and paraben free – in simple terms there are no nasties. There are 3 components which make Cetraben the miracle product that it is:

Light Liquid Paraffin – Replaces lost skin oils
White Soft Paraffin – Creates a protective barrier on the skin surface
Glycerin – Brings moisture up from deep down in the skin

This is why it’s a product that really works! It’s not cosmetic so you know, its not the type of thing you buy because it will look pretty on your instagram feed, its a product that actually really works and gives you visible results.

Make sure that you check out the Cetraben website for further infortmation, there are some amazing tools on their website such as the Skin Diary – which helps you to monitor and track how your skin feels and its triggers. There is also a really useful skintelligence test which helps you discover just how well you actually know your own skin! As i said i will be keeping you updated on how i get on with the challenge throughout the week, so stay tuned on my blog and youtube channel to hear my results!

Jodes x

This post os kindly sponsored by Cetraben, however all opinions are my own.



  1. April 25, 2016 / 7:43 pm

    I’ve used this before and it’s a holy grail product.


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