Champneys Pamper Night In!

I think its so important that we schedule some time into our week to have a little pamper session. Something i probably don’t do enough, especially working from home i find it really hard to switch off and go into ‘relax mode’. But a bit of me time is essential for keeping yourself inspired by life, doesn’t have to be a spa break, even if its just half an hour out of your day to watch your favourite tv programme. So when Champneys offered me the ingredients for the perfect pamper night in how could i say no!


The first essential to any pamper night – snacks! All of the snacks hahaha! I had a gift card for waitrose and although i tried to go for the healthy option of strawberries, i did cave and go for some of my favourite naughty treats… if you can’t have chocolate on a pamper night then when can you?! 😉

I was also kindly gifted a £20 Netflix voucher, the second ingredient to the perfect pamper evening. Netflix is my guilty pleasure. For me there is nothing better than a gripping tv series to really help me switch off from the stresses of daily life. Its only when you catch your reflection in your laptop screen between episodes that you are reminded there is actually a real world out there haha! At the moment i am re watching the whole of the PLL series in preparation for the new season starting next month – my excitement is too much!


Moving on to the stars of the show – what is a pamper night without giving yourself a little tlc with some gorgeous products, and what better products to use than Champneys. I absolutely love Champneys products because they really do give you that indulgent spa feeling at home. On this occasion i decided to trial two of Champneys products: The Restoring Hand & Nail Cream‘ and the Summer Dream Rewarding Butter Souffle. The first thing which i absolutely LOVE about these products is the packaging, it’s modern & fun – Champneys have really reinvented themselves and its a huge yes from me!

I was really excited to try out the Hand Cream as my hands are definitely something i neglect when it comes to skincare. It’s generally just the one thing i never do so its nice to have the incentive to do it when given the opportunity to try a beautiful new product. I found the product a joy to use, not only does it smell amazing it also left my hands and nails feeling nourished and super soft! Packed with lots of vitamins and goodness its no wonder my hands are loving me for it!

The Souffle also did not disappoint. Its an absolute treat to apply, a gorgeous texture leaving your skin feeling velvety smooth. It literally smells like summer in a pot, definitely some peach and mango scents in there to name a few! What i love about Champneys products is they really do feel like luxury products and their packaging is beautiful, but they are so reasonably priced. No matter what your budget every one deserves to indulge in some pamper time and Champneys make this possible! These two products i have used on this occasion i will most definitely be using again!


 What are your favourite things to do on a pamper evening? I would love to know 🙂

Jodes xx



  1. May 5, 2016 / 1:48 pm

    loved this blog! It’s nice to know how other treat themselves on these occasions so you can update your own pamper routine to try out knew things!xx

  2. May 5, 2016 / 2:45 pm

    I adore Champney’s as a brand, I love their signature orange scent! I have a Champney’s foot spa which came with loads of products in a beautiful dark purple faux leather bag. I used the bag for years as an overnighter bag however the handle snapped as I’m an overpacker but the foot spa is still going strong! I really love the packaging of the body soufflé, “a well earned treat”, how cute.

    Ruby xoxo

  3. May 5, 2016 / 6:44 pm

    I lovee to have a pamper night in! It’s the perfect treat especially after a busy week. I love the champneys products I have a few of their bubble baths and they all smell delicious! I definitely need to pick up that body souffle!
    Maddie xoxo

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