Hairapeutix – My Hair Secret!

As you guys know i recently got hair extensions. Not only do hair extensions change the way your hair looks, they also change your haircare routine. Today I wanted to tell you all about one of my secret weapons for long, healthy hair; Hairapeutix!


You may remember in a video around 3 months ago if you’re subscribed to my youtube channel that I raved about this product. Back when I had naturally long hair it really did make a huge difference to me, but now I have extensions I have realised its full potential as a product.

The product itself is a pre shampoo treatment, meaning you apply the product to dry hair mid-length to tip before you step in the shower. The decadent blend of organic oils will then get to work leaving your hair feeling the best its ever felt. I noticed a difference from first application, my hair felt smoother, shinier and most importantly it looked AND felt healthier. Just like any other part of our body our hair needs extra care sometimes and using a hair mask twice a week will give you noticeable benefits.
The product used to only be available as a monthly repair and is £18.99 for a pack of 8, which is amazing value considering the quality. However it is now available as a Weekly Fix (2 hair masks) for a crazy reasonable £4.99, I think this option is great for if you’re unsure this is the product for you, however I can almost guarantee that you will love it.
IMG_1704The ingredients of the product are 100% natural. No parabens, no silicone or chemicals and absolutely safe for ALL hair types (and extensions of course)!
You can buy hairapeutix here; let me know what you guys think!
Jodes x

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