How to Get the Perfect Base for Makeup!

For me when it comes to makeup the base is the most important component of the look. Without that flawless foundation base to build upon it doesn’t matter how on fleek your eyebrows are or how sharp your winged liner is, it’s not going to do it justice. When it comes to achieving that perfect base i have found that it’s not so much the foundation product you’re using that makes all the difference, it’s the product you prep the actual skin with and the products in your daily skincare routine you’re using.

As you know if you’ve read here before, my skin is particularly dry with flare ups of eczema from time to time, so for me getting my skincare routine right and prepping my skin with the right products is absolutely essential. My absolute hero product for keeping my skin under the best control i possibly can is Cetraben, an emollient for people with dry, problematic and eczema prone skin. If you read my last post you will know that i’m currently working with Cetraben and taking part in the ‘7 Day Skincare Challenge’ which means i’m adding Cetraben into my daily skincare routine and monitoring my results throughout the week. I’m currently half way through the week and the changes in my skin are already apparent. I tend to get patches of eczema around my eye area which results in it being very difficult to apply concealer to my under eye without it creasing and looking cakey, however after just 4 days of using this i am finding it is blending into my skin so much more easily! I am super happy with the results so far and really excited to see how my skin is looking by the end of the week, of course i will be documenting my end result in a blog post! For more detailed information on Cetraben and to find out more about the challenge please read my previous post by clicking here.

That brings me onto my first step in creating that perfect base. I use my Cetraben essentially as my primer product. There are both cream and lotion versions of the product, i’m using the lotion as its slightly lighter on the skin. I massage that into my skin all over my face, even the eye area as its completely safe to use and works amazingly for prepping your eye makeup. My skin is then left feeling nice and smooth ready for makeup application.

For my foundation i am currently using the Loreal Infallible 24h, if you have dry skin i highly recommend using a liquid foundation. If your skin is going through a particularly bad flare up it may be useful to use a foundation which is paraben free as parabens are a known irritant for skin conditions. For more information on makeup suitable for problematic skin and the products you should be using i highly recommend watching this Makeup Masterclass video i found on the Cetraben youtube channel. It’s extremely helpful and i picked up some really useful tips. I apply my foundation with a Beauty Blender sponge, i find that using a sponge helps the makeup blend effortlessly into the skin dispersing just the right amount of product. That brings me on to my tip of ‘less is more’, don’t pile foundation on your face in an attempt to cover imperfections, use one pump of product on the back of your hand and remember its much easier to add more than it is to take away!

After my foundation i like to use a concealer underneath my eyes, down the centre of my nose and on my skin to highlight those parts of my face. At the moment i am loving the Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer. It has an amazing brightening effect and feels weightless on the skin blending seamlessly. I again use my Beauty Blender to buff that in for a flawless look. As i mentioned earlier using Cetraben to prep my eye area makes concealer application so much easier.

To finish my base makeup i do like to set with a powder, however nothing too heavy as i don’t want it to emphasise my dry patches of skin and i want as much of my skins natural glow to still shine through as possible. I do find using powder helps my makeup stay in place a lot longer through out the day though and it takes away some of that unwanted shine! The product i am loving at the moment is the Laura Mercier Translucent powder. This is a super fine, colourless powder which just finishes the look perfectly without looking like your wearing anything too heavy. And that is my base makeup done!

So overall i would say don’t get too hung up on the makeup products you’re using, sometimes for me it could almost seem like absolutely no foundation looked good on me, but when i stripped it right back down to my actual skincare i started to see the results i was looking for! You can also check out my video on my Youtube Channel talking you through all of these steps and demoing the process. Make sure you stay tuned for my next post which will be the final instalment of my Cetraben 7 Day Challenge journey!

Jodes x

This post is in collaboration with Cetraben.


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