NEW Zoella Beauty: Sweet Inspirations

Introducing the latest launch from the lovely Zoe’s Zoella Beauty range: Sweet Inspirations. Inspired by french patisserie, macaroons and sweet almonds this is a collection that I feel I don’t have enough adjectives to describe! The minute I laid eyes on the packaging I knew this was my favourite range yet, and yes, I know I say that every time haha! But seriously; the rose gold and pastel colours, the font, the dreamy, sweet scent… all designed by one of my favourite you tubers, whats not to love?!

I made my order on Feel Unique the day the collection launched online and was super impressed with the speedy next day delivery! I actually filmed an unboxing & first impressions review on my youtube channel which you can check out here if you’re interested!


Fragranced Body Mist (£8)

The body mist for me has always been a stand out in every range so far. The glass bottle packaging always gives it that extra special touch, and this time it feels super luxe. I am a huge of sweet scents so I knew this was going to be a winner for me, but as Zoe said in her video she is not a major fan of sweet scents. With that in mind she has managed to create something that smells so heavenly I think will appeal to almost everyone!


Life is Sweet Beauty Bag (£6)

Ok, so first things first; HOW ADORABLE?! I was so pleased when Zoe announced she was releasing another small beauty bag, perfect for popping in your handbag for any loose change or your favourite lipsticks. I find bags this size SO useful and I have a feeling this is gunna be a really popular item. The scalloped edging is super pretty and its so compact it is defintiely going to be my new handbag staple.

Le Fizz Fragranced Bath Fizzer (£5)

The fizz bar is back and with its best packaging yet! A product that looks almost good enough to eat (though much to my disappointment none of the range is edible, food range soon please Zoe?! :P) I am SO excited to try this one out! Simply snap off 4 squares, sit back relax and have the bath of your dreams. The gold and pastel pink is right up my street, in general this range is just so photogenic. I feel like my instagram feed may as well turn into the Zoella Beauty one for the foreseeable future as you can expect a spam of sweet inspirations photos haha!


Bath Latte – Bath & Shower Milk (£6)

Baths & Lattes. Two of my all time favourite things, combined. WHAT EVEN! I feel like this product was basically made for me hahaha! Seriously though, this is one dreamy little concoction. The gold capped bottle filled with silky smooth goodness enriched with nourishing sweet almond, cacao and honey, this has me all heart eyed emoji! I can only describe the smell as like a unicorn has leapt out the bottle and into your bath. I am one to go pretty full out when it comes to bath time, so i can see me pairing this with the fizz bar for the ultimate pamper night treat! Also a little goes a long way and the super thick consistency means if you’re a bit heavy handed like myself you won’t throw half a bottle in your bath by mistake haha!


Double Creme (£5)

When it comes to body cream, I can actually be super hard to please. Moisturising in general is quite the chore for me, and there is nothing I hate more when a product seems to take hours to sink in and you’re left there standing in your bedroom not quite knowing what to do with yourself with that horrible sticky feeling! BUT Double Creme has got you covered! Not only does it smell INCREDIBLE it soaks into the skin super quickly and leaving you’re skin feeling nourished and silky soft. I feel like I have now found a new found love for moisturising and what used to be a chore is now an indulgent treat!

Candy Clutch Bag (£12)

Another stand out for me in the range, I know this bag is going to be coming everywhere with me! I love the fold over clutch design, when you open it out you really would be surprised at the amount you you could fit inside, perfect for travelling, you could basically fit the whole of the range inside it! I love the pastel stripe on one side and then the white faux leather on the other, I really feel like in every sense Zoe has really stepped up with this range, it has such a sophisticated vibe about it and I love the direction she is taking.


Sugar Dip Bath Salts (£6)

When Zoe announced she was releasing bath salts it was like music to my ears! As previously mentioned when it comes to baths I do nothing by halves, and theres just something about bath salts that feels extremely luxurious. However these are not just your average bath salts, Sugar Dip is possibly the cutest packaging I have EVER laid eyes on. How Zoe came up with such a unique and utterly gorgeous design I will never know, what i do know is there is no way the packaging is going in the bin, it’s just far too lovely! Of course like the rest of the range it smells incredible.

Overall I have nothing but good things to say about the new collection, I am absolutely obsessed. Every inch of the range screams Zoe and you can see just how much time, hard work and effort has gone into making this as perfect as can be. Huge congratulations to Zoe on another great success and i can’t even begin to imagine what she has up her sleeve to release next! Make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel to check out my unboxing review and i will also be doing a Pamper Routine video where I demo all of the products!

Jodes x



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    This is such a gorgeous post, I love how you add the sweets! Any post has got to be amazing if sweets are involved! I’m just starting a new blog (its very bare at the minute), and i’d adore it if you checked it out! Its – love you millions.

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