When Instant Effects approached me and asked me if i’d like to take part in the 2 Weeks Lash Challenge my answer was an absolute yes. I’d heard a lot about lash enhancing products and always been really interested, but i’d never actually had the chance to try them out myself. I’m all for longer lashes but never been a fan of lash extensions, i’ve always had bad experience with them. Of course there is only so much mascara can do, and sometimes you don’t want to wear any at all; especially with the summer season approaching and the ‘no makeup’ makeup look come back. So a product that claims to increase the length and volume of your lashes in just 2 weeks, i’m all for it!IMG_9906 (1)

You are advised to use the product every day for best results. The product itself looks like your standard clear mascara, but of course the product inside does so much more. I love the luxe, shiny black packaging. You can use the product before applying mascara, i advise applying it and then waiting a few moments before going in with your actual mascara. It almost acts as a lash primer, and i have to say i noticed results from my first application. I’ve also found my mascara itself is less smudgy when i apply this and lasts longer. My lashes definitely looked fuller and longer even with just one coat of my regular mascara. Alternatively for a really intense lash treatment you can apply the product at night and sleep with it on, this is the method i have been using i’ve wanted to achieve the best results possible.


As you can see from the photo my lashes look full without mascara and there is definitely some improvement in the overall look of my lashes, especially when applying mascara i can see a difference. I am not having to use as much actually mascara product which is meaning my lashes aren’t as clumpy. I do also tint my lashes to make them appear more black but I used to pile them with product in an attempt to make them look thicker, now i don’t have too. Obviously in 2 weeks you can’t expect to see absolute miracles, but i can definitely see improvement and i am extremely happy with the results. I would definitely recommend giving this product a go! If you do make sure you tweet me and let me know how you’re getting on! I’m really excited to continue using this and watch my results progress!

Jodes x