Summer is finally here – it’s time to shake up your shower routine! How about something more fun, fruitier and a sure thing to get your day starting fresh as can be? The launch of the new Original Source Shower Milks could not have come at a better time…


I’ve always been a huge fan of Original Source so the launch of a new moisturising Shower Milks range was something that very much excited me. With four fruity fragrances in the range, you will be seriously spoilt for choice!


The product itself has a super creamy, moisturising texture sure to help leave your skin feeling silky smooth, and not to mention smelling AMAZING! For me, Original Source products have always been all about impactful natural fragrances, and this range definitely does not disappoint! The four fruity concoctions are an absolute match made in heaven and definitely wake up your senses in the morning. Made with Vegan Milk Extracts and natural moisturisers you can be sure you’re doing wonders for your skin.

You can pick up a Shower Milk in Tesco for just £2.20 – what a bargain! I think my favourite (if I HAD to choose) would be the Sweet Apple & Vanilla Milk, simply because I adore sweet fragrances and, as the name suggests, it is heavenly sweet! However, I do also love the Lime & Coconut Milk as it reminds me of a tropical holiday. Whilst I wash away in the shower, I like to imagine myself on a beach in the Caribbean somewhere…Ok let’s face it, I love them all and I can’t possibly choose a favourite, but given how affordable they are I guess it’s not too much of a crime to buy all four…

Why don’t you shake up your shower and give these new products a go? I guarantee you will not be disappointed! 🙂


This post is sponsored by Original Source.