The Breakfast Club

When in London one of my all time favourite places to go for Brunch (or for any meal time of the day to be honest!) is The Breakfast Club. If you’re looking for the ultimate chill place to hang out whilst chowing down on the tastiest food you could ever imagine then look no further. I was recently in London for a few days with a group of my blogger pals and when deciding where to go for our instagram worthy brunch it was no surprise we opted for The Breakfast Club. We visited the Angel branch which is a super cute little cafe tucked away in Camden Passage. However no matter where you are in London you can now guarantee you won’t be too far away from one of these little gems as there are now 9 cafes open, one located in Brighton  – see the website for more details on locations.

b7As for whats on the menu, well its more a case of what isn’t. A very popular option are the American Style pancakes, served with berries and cream these guys go down an absolute treat! Of course there is also a traditional full english brekky on offer, and all the other usual trendy brekkys – avocado on toast, breakfast burrito – you name it its probably gunna be on there. Most of the breakfast menu is served throughout the whole day, and for lunch and dinner you also get some extra options such as a pulled pork burger of dreams! On this occasion i went for smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on toast – AMAZING! The girls both went for pancake options, i have to say i was a little bit jealous when they’re orders arrived to the table! They also went for milkshakes which speaking from past experience i know taste divine. I was in need of my morning coffee fix so i stuck with my usual caramel soy latte, which as aways didn’t disappoint.

b5b3 The general vibe of the cafes is old school 80’s with its cluttered decor and brick walls. Its a real London brunch game changer. The only downside is the wait time, be prepared to queue especially when visiting on a Sunday when everyone is in desperate need of a hang over cure haha! Its absolutely worth the wait though, and mre often than not whilst you wait staff will bring out smoothie samples etc which is a nice touch.

b11b1b9If you are yet to visit a Breakfast Club branch i strongly urge you to do so, i guarantee you will NOT be disappointed! Happy Brunching 🙂

Jodes x

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